Helbling Equities

We invest into technology startups

Who we are
Helbling is one of Switzerland's leading technology innovators and business consultants. Our main business is bringing innovation to our corporate customers.

Besides that, we have a fund (Helbling Equities) to invest into startups. Helbling Equities is a financial investor committed to supporting the technology startup ecosystem. We focus on networking with startups, seeking those with strong Swiss connections and innovative and meaningful solutions.

We seek startups that align with Helbling's services, ensuring that our investment can provide significant value.

Our investment areas
Home and Office Equipment, Medical Technology, Machinery and Automation, Industrial Devices, Software and IT, Optical Systems, Microtechnology, Mechatronics, Robotics, Transportation

We invest into startups of all maturity levels.

Our current portfolio

Our aim is for our portfolio to reflect the range of Helbling's services.


Thomas Siegrist

Hohlstrasse 614
8048 Zürich

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