Many roads lead to Helbling

Our company brings together people from various disciplines and with different backgrounds and experiences. The majority are graduates of universities and technical colleges, or experienced professionals. We also have younger people training with us through our internship and apprentice programmes. The application process for each of these groups varies. An invitation to an initial interview is always extended by the team.

University graduates

We meet most of our college graduates at the graduate recruitment fairs held each year at universities and technical colleges, including ETH, EPFL. Most of these are students about to graduate from university with a technical/science or business administration degree. Others are recent graduates of these programmes. Those interested in applying may do so by submitting their materials directly to one of our locations.

Experienced professionals

Professionals with experience generally come to us through the advertisement of an open position, but we also welcome unsolicited applications. In either case, the application process is undertaken directly by the relevant corporate division at one of our locations.


Our intern positions are geared exclusively to students and generally last six months. The corporate division for consulting (Helbling Business Advisors, with offices in Zurich, Düsseldorf, Munich and Stuttgart) advertises its internships for each location. In other divisions, internships are often won through unsolicited applications.


Each year, we offer a series of apprenticeships at our headquarters in Zurich. These are at Group level and generally for KV and IT apprentices, as well as in the division Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung, where apprentices receive training as building technology planners in all disciplines.

Work permit

A dual system exists for foreign nationals who wish to work in Switzerland. Citizens of EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries enjoy freedom of movement within Switzerland.

Citizens of all other countries (“third countries”) fall under a second category with more restrictive requirements. As an employer, we must prove that no suitable Swiss or EU/EFTA citizen is available for the position.

Information for EU/EFTA citizens

Information for all other citizens

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