Energy & smart infrastructure

We use the latest information and communication technologies to support you with innovations that ensure reliable energy supplies and flexible mobility. We are also a development partner for intelligent, energy-efficient controls and regulation algorithms in buildings. We design resource-saving solutions for plants and systems in the energy and environmental technology sectors.

Smart devices

  • Intelligent controls and regulation algorithms for buildings
  • Applications for access authorization, fire protection, heating, climate control, and ventilation
  • Software for autonomous vehicles
  • Embedded systems and control units

Networking & communication (connectivity)

  • Quick, reliable communication
  • Different protocols, standards, and open interfaces
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Industry 4.0

Backend applications

  • Cloud technology for aggregating and evaluating sensor and device data
  • Platform for smart meters and the processing of consumption data (e.g., energy, usage)
  • Intelligent data evaluations with machine learning, data analytics, and AI methods
  • Configuration, simulation, and service support

Completion of concept & feasibility studies

  • Interdisciplinary concept work for developing new product ideas and overcoming technological challenges in the energy and environment sectors
  • System and environment simulations for assessing feasibility as well as optimizing system size and power allocation

Calculations & simulations

  • Static and dynamic assessments and verifications for steel structures, machines, and plant components
  • Steel structures and system components in earthquake-proof designs
  • Thermal analysis and optimization of heat exchangers
  • Simulation of environmental influences and their impact on the production output of the plant (wind, temperature, currents, earthquakes, etc.)

Engineering systems for air-cooled condensation units

  • Basic and detailed design for processes, mechanics, electrics, and control
  • Specification of operating concept and control logic
  • Wiring diagrams and P&IDs
  • Construction and design of pipeline systems, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and all other system components
  • Comprehensive specifications for production and procurement
  • Standardized certificates







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