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The real estate and infrastructure sectors play an important role in achieving climate goals, particularly under the Paris Agreement with the aim of limiting the warming of the earth to 1.5°C. At Helbling, we have a long-standing commitment to sustainability that encompasses ecological, social and economic aspects. Our projects aim to consider the entire lifespan of real estate and infrastructure and develop innovative solutions to create a sustainable future. We critically question existing standards and offer tailor-made, sustainable solutions. In collaboration with our customers, our services focus on defining and implementing their project-specific sustainability goals.

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Representation of building owners and consulting for real estate and infrastructure

With our services, we offer an effective way to implement sustainability requirements in construction projects. In doing so, we consider all three dimensions of sustainability: ecology, economics and social issues. It is ensured that the projects are planned, developed and implemented from the outset in accordance with the jointly defined or specified sustainability standards (SNBS, Minergie, Minergie-ECO, Minergie-A, LEED, etc.). We either help to define these sustainability standards together with our customers, or to implement their specifications and have these completed as a steering body in the project organization. We ensure that customer-specific sustainability goals are integrated into the planning and execution of the project. This includes aspects such as energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmentally friendly construction practices, as well as compliance with defined ESG criteria. At Helbling, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the future of our environment and society through sustainable planning and advice.

Infrastructural client consulting and senior construction management

In this area, we support our customers in implementing infrastructural measures for decarbonization. We are used to managing ambitious infrastructure projects to expand sustainable energy networks in a structurally challenging environment or providing advice in this regard.

Advice on energy concepts and planning of thermal energy networks

It is one of our core services to support energy suppliers, areas or communities in the conception, planning and implementation of a sustainable thermal energy supply (seawater anergy networks / district heating and district cooling networks / etc.). With this service, we can significantly support our customers on the path to decarbonization and make a major contribution to the decarbonization of the entire industry.

Thermal resistance of buildings

We also consider climate change adaptation strategies to increase the resilience of real estate and infrastructure to extreme weather events and long-term climate changes. Thermal simulations and flow simulations offer our customers the opportunity to optimize concepts for their long-term and sustainable effectiveness, even under changing climate conditions.

Integration of digital solutions

By using digital technologies such as software for the optimization and simulation of energy networks and for the improvement of resource efficiency in buildings and infrastructures, we make a significant contribution to sustainable solutions. Of course, we also rely on Building Information Modeling (BIM) for planning, simulating and managing sustainability aspects in the life cycle of real estate.

Feasibility studies and 
CO2 analyses

We are committed to showing our customers what options they have to sustainably decarbonize their energy supply. We offer our customers a comprehensive potential analysis that takes all forms of energy into account. In a first step, we determine the corresponding CO2 emissions per energy source and then show what potential exists and which influencing factors are crucial to ensuring a sustainable energy supply.

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