Embedded software & electronics

We use knowledge from numerous projects to create electronics, layouts, and reliably embedded software for you. Embedded systems are the hidden yet powerful core of modern-day smart devices. This applies to a wide range of technological areas like consumer and automotive electronics or technology for railways, medicine, light modules, wearables, and industrial automation. Embedded systems process a broad range of sensor data and make responsible decisions on the actuator side. Additionally, they enable a whole new level of artificial intelligence. Finally, intuitive user interfaces create new and exciting possibilities for human-machine interaction.

Power electronics & battery management

Precise management of power supplies is crucial for the reliable and efficient operation of embedded systems. We have extensive experience both in systems with a power supply and in battery-powered devices:

  • Power electronics from mW to kW performance classes
  • Electric motors, inverters, AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • Battery management systems (BMS), hardware and software
  • Inductive charging and charge management
  • Calculation and implementation of continuous feedback control loops
  • EMC simulation and analysis using in-house laboratories
  • Control cabinet engineering and wiring layout
  • Test equipment for wired and wireless signals

Connectivity and IoT in consumer products & industrial electronics

Today’s consumer products are not just technical devices that make life easier. Intelligent design of user interfaces, sophisticated business logic, and smart links to cloud services pave the way for a fascinating user experience. Our expertise covers:

  • Linux
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth LE, WiFi, ZigBee, Thread, GSM
  • Integration of cloud services: AWS, Azure
  • GUI development with Qt
  • System updates: On the device/from the cloud, including integrity check and certificate check
  • Continuous integration: automated build toolchain, test automation, connection to the test management system
  • IT security for embedded systems
  • System development with Yocto
  • Lightweight, real-time-capable IoT operating systems: FreeRTOS, RIOT, Zephyr
  • Driver and application development
  • Transmission protocols: e.g., MQTT, TCP/IP, UDP, CAN

Light modules

Advanced lighting for the automotive sector and other industries involves individually controlled LEDs placed on ultra-flat PCB designs. Our portfolio includes:

  • Efficient LED driver and firmware development
  • Design and layout of customized electrical components and PCBs
  • Construction and verification of complete light modules

ECUs & software

The electronic control unit (ECU) is the key component of any mechatronic system. At Helbling, we have the knowledge and experience to develop a complete ECU under one roof:

  • Establishing hardware and software architectures for embedded systems
  • High quality design, implementation, and test of hardware and software
  • Electrical engineering and rapid prototyping
  • Safety integrity requirements
  • Model-based software development
  • MIL and HIL test automation

Process regulations & quality assurance

Defined procedures ensure that project success is planned and trackable. We are familiar with the following regulations and procedures:

  • ISO 9001 (certified organization)
  • ISO 13485 (certified organization)
  • IEC 62304 (medical technology software development)
  • ASPICE (automotive software development)
  • ISO 26262 (functional safety for automotive systems)
  • EN 50128 (functional safety for rail transportation software)
  • EN ISO 13849 (functional safety for industrial control systems)
  • EN 61558 (safety for transformers and power supplies)
  • DIN EN 60335 (safety for household devices)
  • State-of-the-art PLM tooling
  • Agile project management approaches

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