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Digital transformation is predominantly driven by software. Whether it is achieved through networking products, machines, or plants, or using mobile applications, smart data, and extended reality, software enables the digitization of entire process chains, from recording sensor data to intelligent decision-making tools. Integration into surrounding business systems provides added value through comprehensive automation.

While new services and product innovations are constantly emerging, Helbling maintains a focus on quality and sustainability while ensuring that cyber security and privacy are part of the solution from the beginning. Whether it is an internal industrial application or a globally scalable cloud solution, Helbling accompanies you comprehensively as a reliable partner. This includes addressing legal and regulatory aspects, risk management, and of course the realization of innovative, tailor-made, optimized software solutions that impress our customers with their quality, performance, security, and usability.

We accompany you with agility and passion for innovation to reach your goals.

Core services

Connecting devices (IoT)

Connecting devices to the Internet of Things offers countless advantages. Be it in day-to-day life, where everyday objects such as cooking pots or coffee machines can be controlled from the comfort of your sofa or in industrial manufacturing, where the entire production process is being made more reliable, efficient, and transparent as part of Industry 4.0, or in the field of mobility, energy, or building automation, where an existing infrastructure can be used in a more integrated and cost-effective manner thanks to intelligent networking. 

We offer all the tools you need to implement your IoT projects, from electronics and firmware development to mobile-friendly cloud applications. No matter if it is an entirely new project or if an existing device is to be mapped as a digital twin using a solution developed by us. 

Our system engineering approach ensures that the focus is on the overall solution and that all disciplines involved (hardware, firmware, connectivity, cloud) work together optimally.

Custom Software

Custom software makes it possible to address specific business processes or product requirements. Be it in the area of configuration, control, monitoring, visualization, reporting, or when it comes to simplifying the daily work process for people through an intuitive user interface. 

We offer software development for both new projects and for application modernization. This also includes independent architecture reviews as well as advice that is independent of technologies and manufacturers. In terms of platforms (desktop, web, mobile, embedded) and technologies, we cover a broad spectrum and choose the software architecture that fits the requirements. 

Stable architectures and a user-centered design approach ensure that your application can meet growing requirements for many years to come while enjoying a high user acceptance.


Cloud computing offers a lot of potential, which can be unlocked by leveraging scalability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness.

We accompany you as a reliable partner through every phase of the cloud journey, whether it is migrating existing applications to the cloud or developing new software specifically for the cloud with global usage in mind. Our experts are by your side from planning and selecting an appropriate architecture to implementation, automation, optimization, and operation of solutions.

Helbling assists in the design and development of applications that leverage all the benefits of the cloud, including microservice architecture, containerization, and serverless computing, on popular hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google. We place a strong emphasis on security and quality, establishing these aspects “by design” as integral parts of the development process.

Business Integration

Software is not created in a vacuum, rather it should integrate seamlessly into an existing system architecture. To accomplish this, interfaces to the surrounding systems must be built that offer reliable and error-resistant data exchange while remaining open for future extensions.

The systems to be connected are often industry-specific in nature: MES, ERP, and PLM systems are found in manufacturing and product development; HIS or LIS systems are found in the healthcare sector; and CRM, ticketing, and workflow systems are prevalent in exchanges with business processes and customer support. 

Due to a multitude of projects in different industries, we have broad know-how regarding many of these interfaces as well as possible regulatory requirements. This enables us to implement system integrations in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Added Value from Data 

Data is key to the success of any company. Whether it is capturing complex relationships, optimizing processes, or exploring new business areas, we support you at every step from data collection, data preparation and processing, and data analysis to visualization.

Our experts work closely with all stakeholders to understand requirements and collect, consolidate, and consistently store data in a sustainable way.

Through the use of modern analytical tools and innovative algorithms, our data analytics experts gain deeper insights into the data. The visualization of data and the results of analyses enables us to understand complex relationships and to explore facts to make sound decisions.

Agility to Reach the Goal

In innovation workshops together with you, we develop a vision for the software application to be built. New ideas, business cases, or products serve as starting point and become use cases and requirement specifications.

A standardized, iterative process is applied to develop new software applications. This agile development process has proven itself in all development phases of a new product and repeatedly generates verifiable prototypes and product versions. Project risks can be identified at an early stage and measures can be initiated accordingly. New findings and optimizations can be incorporated into the development process in a timely manner. 

As experts in project management, we rely on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to guarantee effective and successful agile project management, even for larger projects. 

We see ourselves as your reliable partner, accompanying you through all development phases. From planning and implementation to the launch and maintenance of your software, we are always at your side and ensure that you are up to date at all times.

Focus on Quality

Our experienced development teams work closely with you in all phases of a project and apply our development processes iteratively to generate results of the highest quality and precision. You can rely on us to adhere to the highest standards when developing your solution.

We leverage the latest tools, technologies, and methods. With this, we apply a high degree of automated testing to ensure that the software we develop is robust, reliable, and easy to use.

With our comprehensive experience in the relevant standards for medical products, such as ISO 13485 and for risk management (ISO 14971), we ensure the development of secure, reliable products that comply with the highest quality standards.

The SPICE standard (ISO 15504) is an important part of our approach for reviewing software development and its processes. Finally, our governance and quality assurance processes ensure that we comply with all relevant laws and regulations and effectively monitor and control our business processes.

Security & Privacy

To effectively protect companies from the constantly growing and evolving threats in cyberspace, we support you as a reliable partner with an established, standardized approach. This encompasses the entire lifecycle, including detailed analysis of assets to be protected, identification of potential vulnerabilities, individual recommendations, and risk-based strategies to address the identified weaknesses. Through automation and a DevSecOps approach, information security is integrated and implemented in all phases of software development.

We place special emphasis on a holistic approach and compliance with international standards (ISO 27001) and established best practices. In addition to technical aspects, we focus on organizational and human factors, as well as physical objects.

With our extensive expertise and years of experience, we help you improve your digital immune system and ensure the continuity of your business.


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