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Davos on the road to climate neutrality: electromobility concept for the future

Helbling has developed a comprehensive and forward-thinking electromobility concept for Davos, which takes into account the specific requirements in the areas of municipal and specialized vehicles as well as the transport operations of "Verkehrsbetriebe Davos" (VBD). Over 80 vehicles from various operational areas are included in the plan.

Davos received national recognition as a pioneer in the energy sector back in 2001 and was officially awarded the title of Energy City in the Grison Alps. Building upon this success, the city now aims to become Switzerland's first climate-neutral holiday destination by 2030. The developed mobility concept serves as a guidepost for this goal and presents concrete implementation plans.

Key Figures

  • Three fleet categories were considered (buses, municipal and service vehicles)
  • The concept includes over 80 vehicles from nine areas of use
  • Helbling has evaluated three charging infrastructure scenarios including connection supply
  • The mobility concept developed leads to CO2 savings of up to 130 t/year
  • Renewal period of the fleets: 2024-2037

Our Contribution

  • Estimating the regional energy supply
  • Calculating the current annual energy requirements of the three vehicle fleets
  • Taking into account seasonal conditions (climatic and touristic)
  • Comparing different energy sources (energy efficiency, costs, CO2 emissions)
  • Drawing up a fleet renewal schedule
  • Estimating the quantities of renewable energy sources required for different scenarios
  • Compiling the costs for three fleet scenarios
  • Compilation of the costs for the energy supply infrastructure required for the scenarios
  • Providing a recommendation to the municipality of Davos


By gradually electrifying its vehicle fleet, Davos is not only reducing its environmental impact, but also achieving considerable cost savings. The integration of renewable energy sources such as electricity, hydrogen and synthetic fuels into the mobility concept demonstrates Helbling's commitment to sustainable and forward-looking mobility, both in environmental and economic terms.

The electromobility concept also convinced the political decision-makers and was adopted by the Small District Council. In future, a battery-electric drive system is to be chosen when purchasing vehicles.


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