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All-in-one Cable Preparation Tool

Huber+Suhner AG

In order to strengthen and expand its position in the US market, HUBER+SUHNER has begun to develop a new generation of coaxial connectors for RF cables. The focus is on a simple, ergonomic and reliable method of preparing and assembling cables.

Due to the methodological competence and systematic formulation of requirements from the user’s perspective, the focus on product innovation and the technologigal know-how in particular in the field of rapid prototyping Helbling Technik has been given the task.

Key Figures

  • Complete cable preparation in a single step on site
  • Safe operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Manual use, can also be used with drill

Our Contribution

  • Analysis of requirements from the user’s perspective
  • Catalogue of ideas / technology reviews
  • Integrated industrial design
  • Development of concepts
  • Iterative optimization using rapid prototyping
  • Creation of detailed concept and implementation of feasibility study
  • Design of tools for production in small quantities
  • Estimate of costs


  • Efficient procedure and short lead time for the project
  • Development of a new multi-stage cutting process
  • Complete cable assembly and wire stripping in one step
  • Very good coordination between preparing the cables and assembling the connectors
  • Higher assembly quality and thus higher RF connection quality

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