Group Procurement

Our customer from the financial service sector contracted us to establish a group procurement because its procurement was decentralised. At the same time, we needed to integrate the purchasing activities of the 7 country subsidiaries to reduce procurement costs and optimise processes.

The target amount for the overall budget was CHF 450 million. In addition to greater transparency across group-wide procurement procedures and direct cost reductions, the customer wanted to improve service quality in purchasing and use of the IT systems.

Our Services

  • Defining work packages for implementing governance and organisation, category concepts and change/project management

  • The implementation contains the relevant development of detailed concepts, roll-out planning, transformation and anchoring

Result / Success

The group procurement for optimising the service quality in purchasing and the IT systems yielded the following result: Supplier and contract management were expanded and optimised with cost savings exceeding CHF 5 million. 

The uniform group-wide procurement process was implemented, including instating an overarching governance structure and anchoring group-wide, uniform purchasing guidelines and product category management. Implementing a new IT procurement platform optimised IT in its entirety.

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