Material Cost Reduction for Building Suppliers

In the course of this project, the material costs needed to be reduced in all of a building supplier’s divisions and business units. For this purpose, the procurement portfolio and processes, as well as potential ways of optimising individual commodity groups and business units, were identified and used to determine the overall potential.

We instated a universal planning and implementation of potential ways to save costs and developed a concept for the group-wide purchasing organisation and procurement processes.

Our Services

  • Analysing the procurement portfolio and procurement processes

  • Identifying optimisation potential for individual commodities groups and business units, as well as determining overall potential

  • Universal planning and implementing ways to save costs

  • Concept development for group-wide purchasing organisation and procurement processes

  • Comprehensive material cost reduction across all divisions and business units

Result / Success

The new purchasing organisation granted the customer complete transparency across the group-wide procurement and supplier portfolio and made it possible for the customer to save over CHF 20 million across the group.

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