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Our client, a manufacturer of high-end packaging solutions, discovered that the project costs and time-to-market in machine development were significantly exceeding the planning. We were able to show that, contrary to the original assumption, the reasons for the deviations did not lie in the actual machine development, but in the higher-level and upstream processes of innovation management, which showed significant deficits.

Our Services 

  • Conduct a broad-based audit along the existing process definitions and Helbling best practices.
  • Assessment of the maturity of the innovation processes in the company including their contribution to business success
  • Analysis of the causes of deviations in terms of manufacturing costs, project costs, time-to-market and quality
  • Development of a "time-to-market reference card" for different project types
  • Introduction of appropriate methods to minimise risks and support the success of new (product) developments
  • (product) developments
  • Introduction of a standardised planning and estimation of innovation projects, including reporting to top management.
  • Clarification and definition of roles and responsibilities for innovation projects

Our Achievements

The project results showed the management that selective improvements would not be sufficient to be able to carry out commercially successful innovation projects in the future. Instead, a transformation of organisation, processes and methods was initiated towards customer-oriented innovation processes with market pull instead of the previous technology push.

This would reduce or shorten project costs and time-to-market by around 30% in each case.

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