Pacojet 4

In top gastronomy, a Pacojet® is used in almost every kitchen. Seasonal fresh ingredients are frozen with additional liquid in a beaker and the required portions are later pacotized® from the frozen mass using the Pacojet®. The result is an ultra-fine mousse that can be used directly for sorbets or for the further processing of sauces, soups, farces, concentrates, doughs, etc. - and thanks to the precise portioning, this is sustainable and cost-effective.

The food service industry has benefited from the reliability and robustness of the appliance for several decades. Pacotizing® is a term that has established itself in successful professional kitchens worldwide.

Our customer wanted to equip the next generation of the appliance with user-oriented operation, a new look, numerous new features and greater flexibility in processing the masses. At the same time, the reliability and robustness of the appliance were to be retained.

Key Figures

  • 1500 watt drive power of two software-synchronized BLDC motors
  • Pacotizing® with 1 bar overpressure
  • Jet mode with 2.5 times the processing speed
  • Reliable function in kitchen environment (grease, water, etc.) of the 7-inch touch screen
  • User-friendly operating concept tailored to the professional kitchen
  • Recipes can be defined and stored
  • Worldwide use
  • Wireless data transfer of appliance data to the cloud
  • Reproducible results
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Energy-saving standby function with fast wake-up on touch
  • Durable, serviceable and repairable

Our Contribution

  • System development from concept to series production
  • Development of mechanics, electronics (power & HMI), firmware
  • Development of industrial and UX design
  • Procurement, commissioning and testing of functional samples and prototypes
  • Support evaluation of system supplier
  • Developing endurance test benches and carrying out endurance tests
  • Testing prototypes, 0-series and series devices
  • Organization and support of conformity assessment (NSF, radio, EMC, safety)
  • Support in setting up series production
  • Product Life Cycle Management


Helbling developed the Pacojet 4® together with the customer until it was ready for series production. Thanks to short decision-making paths, the development from kick-off to the start of production - including conformity assessments and certifications as well as a completely new supply chain - was completed in a short time. Chefs around the world are delighted with the new Pacojet 4®.


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