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Software for Electronic Transmission
Control Unit

An automotive supplier for electronic components develops and produces control units for automatic transmissions. The scope includes the adaption of the existing software to a new control unit variant for double clutch transmissions. 

Key Figures

  • Transmission control unit based on Renesas microcontroller
  • Existing software developed for automated transmission with torque converter
  • Adaption to double clutch transmission
  • Development within international network (cooperation with transmission manufacturer from Germany and Chinese OEM)

Our Contribution

  • Adaption of solenoid valve abstraction layer to changed electronical periphery (number of valves, characteristic curves etc.)
  • Adaption of process control to customer requirements
  • Adaption to customer specific CAN signal lists
  • Change of boot concept with respect to requirements of transmission developer and OEM
  • Test of all requirements at customer’s lab car as well as with vehicle tests on the transmission manufacturer’s test site


The software is successfully adapted and rolled-out by the client. The double clutch transmission is used in series vehicles of a Chinese car manufacturer.

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