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Helbling used innovative technology to design a motor control board for brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors) for Faulhaber, a traditional family business. Faulhaber's high-tech miniature and micro drive technology can be found in automated production equipment and robotics, the aerospace industry, optical systems as well as medical and laboratory technology.

The motor control board needed to be designed within a short space of time, since Faulhaber was in urgent need of a release sample. The technical hurdles were high. One of these was to ensure compliance with the demanding EMC requirements of EN 61000. Another was to find a solution for the printed circuit board's high current density in an extremely small space and with very limited cooling options. Helbling not only boasts a diverse range of skills and the latest know-how in the area of motor controls, but also has its own EMC lab.  

Key Figures

  • Dynamic drive electronics
  • Power range
  • Voltage
  • Timing (turning the power semiconductor on/off at the right time)

Our Contribution

  • Calculation and simulation of circuit and qualification of components used, design of controllers

  • Development of circuit diagram and layout

  • Producing prototypes, functional testing

  • Developing the A samples to EMV specifications

  • In parallel to development work Helbling searched for a circuit board supplier for production

  • Handover to customer


Thanks to Helbling's knowledge of innovative approaches in control systems engineering, it was able to rapidly work out a solution incorporating an EMC-compliant layout.

This new type of PCB configuration guaranteed that all of the challenges could be overcome (EMC, small dimensions, cooling and current density) to the customer's enthusiastic satisfaction.


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