Smart implant and digital health ecosystem for advanced glaucoma management


Glaucoma is a disease causing irreversible damage to the optic nerve of the eye, thus leading to vision loss over time. More than 70 million people worldwide are suffering from glaucoma. High intra-ocular pressure is a major risk factor for glaucoma. However, intra-ocular pressure of risk patients is traditionally measured only sporadically during a visit at the ophthalmologist every few weeks or months. This project aims to allow quasi-continuous monitoring of the eye pressure with an intra-ocular implant, offering physicians the possibility to target preventive interventions and stratify disease progression. The implant can be powered and read out wirelessly, whereas the data is stored and analyzed in the cloud.

Key Figures

  • Development of a platform for wireless measurement of intra-ocular pressure
  • Development of an implantable intra-ocular pressure sensor
  • Development of an external interrogation device for wireless power and data transfer
  • Development of a cloud solution for data storage and data analysis
  • Validation of intra-ocular pressure measurement in a chronic animal study
  • Less than 1 year from project start to implantation in a chronic animal study
intra-ocular pressure sensor for animal study embedded in an intra-ocular lens

Our Contribution

  • Responsible for all engineering disciplines, incl.
    - systems engineering and design of platform architecture
    - electronics
    - embedded software
    - micro-technology integration with novel encapsulation
    - digital health ecosystem in the cloud
    - data analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of key suppliers and manufacturing partners
  • Support for chronic animal study


  • The extremely miniaturized smart implant has been validated in a 3 month animal study by successfully capturing meaningful intra-ocular pressure on a continuous basis.
  • Multiple patents and scientific publications have been generated


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