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The ultra-compact PogoCam Look&Shoot photo and video camera has been designed to attach to eyeglass frames without compromising the fasion look of the eyewear. As it is always oriented with the gaze of the wearer, eyewear is the ideal platform for a wearable device. The wearable camera can be attached or detached from standard spectacles or sunglasses with a magnetic rail. The world’s smallest and lightest attachable eyewear camera captures 5 MegaPixel photos and HD videos. It is sold with a smart casing allowing to protect and recharge the PogoCam multiple times per day. The photos and videos of the PogoCam can be shared directly to social media thanks to a smartphone App.


Key Figures

  • Miniature camera 43mm × 13mm × 11mm
  • 5 MP photos
  • HD videos
  • 6g weight
  • Autonomy of 1’000 pictures or 3 minutes video
  • Development of ultra-compact camera, smart case and smartphone App
  • From idea to industrialized product within 18 months
  • Design transfer to contract manufacturer in China


Our contribution

  • Responsible for all engineering disciplines, incl.
    • systems engineering
    • electronics
    • embedded software
    • optics
    • mechanical integration in ultra-compact form factor
  • Design for manufacturing and transfer to contract manufacturer in China



  • The world’s smallest and lightest attachable eyewear camera has launched in the US after product development has been completed in record time.


Stefan Bauer

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