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Automated function test for a proximity sensor

Helbling develops safety sensors for the automation industry. The safety sensors meet complex functional requirements in terms of their input and output signals, bus connections and signalling devices. In order to be able to test those requirements completely, efficiently and reproducibly, Helbling has developed a mechatronic system for test automation.

Key Figures

  • Operation of a physical sensor in a controlled test environment
  • Modular design of software and hardware for flexible adaptation to different sensor variants
  • Software-controlled linear motors for reproducible, high-precision movement of the test body
  • Ensuring correct operation of the device functionality and all indicators
  • Connection to the proprietary bus system
  • Evaluation of the LED status using image recognition (openCV)
  • Embedded single board computer as control unit
  • Triggering of the test process via integrated web interface and command line
  • Robust test setup with power supply and cabling


Our Contribution

  • Definition of the requirements based on the functional requirements of the sensor
  • Consideration of project specific system constraints (bus protocol, LEDs, resonant circuit voltage)
  • Concept and design for mechanics, electronics and software
  • Implementation, commissioning, evaluation and documentation as part of a customer project


  • The modular, automated test system was successfully implemented based on the system test specifications created in the customer project
  • The test system emulates the system environment of the sensor and is therefore able to put it into various system states - including fault states - and to check the expected responses at its output interfaces
  • The automated test system automatically performs a system calibration at system start-up
  • The system's modular structure allows for project-specific adaptations


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