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BGA85 Cordless Leaf Blower

Working with a blower can be quite disruptive in quiet areas around hospitals or schools, for instance. On an extremely tight deadline, Helbling developed a complete leaf blower for STIHL that operates on battery power, enabling it to be used anywhere, even in noise-sensitive areas. The development work for the BGA85 could only be completed on schedule thanks to a simultaneous development process employed by Helbling.

STIHL is a traditional company that for years has been successfully producing blowers to clear yards, streets and gardens of leaves and dirt. Yet because of the noise produced by petrol-powered devices, these have caused a certain amount of discontent among neighbors. Once battery technology had reached a mature stage, STIHL was eager to expand its product portfolio as swiftly as possible to offer a high-powered blower that could run on lithium-ion batteries. The problem was time: STIHL's R&D department follows a clearly defined development process that seemed irreconcilable with the ambitious deadlines set for the product's launch. Hence STIHL went looking for an external partner to help develop its new cordless blower. There were multiple reasons for choosing Helbling. First and foremost, the customer was convinced by the expedited development process that Helbling outlined, which was based on the principle of simultaneous rather than sequential development. Simultaneous developments such as this are made possible at Helbling by interdisciplinary teams working under the same roof and short, direct communication paths. At the same time, Helbling has a solid project management process, which ensures that processes proceed in an orderly fashion, specifications are met and all development risks are minimized, even on a tight schedule.

Key Figures

  • 3.2 kgWeight without batteries
  • max. 845m3/hAir throughput
  • max. 46m/sAir speed
  • 2.5 m/s2Vibration level
  • 83 db(A)Sound pressure level
  • Our Contribution

    • Helbling employed a simultaneous process to develop the BGA85 cordless blower within a tight deadline, handling the entire process from brainstorming to the pilot series.
    • Product definition in close cooperation with the customer, review of definitions for feasibility and documentation in a set of specifications
    • Development of device concept
    • Production of functional model using rapid prototyping and testing
    • Coordination of customer’s internal specialist departments
    • Performance of dynamic case studies during series development in order to identify and minimize risks at an early stage


    The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes: "This blower is quiet and the 83 decibels listed only tell half the story: instead of a nerve-shredding rattle, people in the vicinity hear only a gentle whistling. The sound rises somewhat as air flow increases; the latter ranges from a mild breeze to a full gale and can be controlled by exerting pressure on the lever. At full power, 650 cubic meters of air flow through the blower, more than in any other cordless device we are aware of."
    (FAZ, November 8, 2013)


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