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QSorter Horizon

QualySense, a Swiss start-up and part of the Ferrum Group since 2023, maintains a long-term partnership with Helbling, which began back in 2012 with the successful development of the laboratory sorting robot "QSorter Explorer". It went on with the scaling of the separation, transport and sorting processes from 50 to 3500 grains per second in a feasibility demonstrator and finally lead to the successful, joint development of the high-performance industrial sorting robot "QSorter Horizon", the reason of being of QualySense. In more than 8000 hours of work, Helbling developed, built and tested a functional model, designed the prototype and supervised its production and assembly.

Key Figures

  •  3'500kernels per second
  •  1.2tons of coffee per hour
  • 5sorting classes
  • 70×higher throughput
  • >8’000hours of effort
  • Our Contribution

    • Systematic search for ideas for performance scaling of the transporting and sorting processes
    • Proof of concept in Helbling’s lab by means of a test setup and rapid prototyping
    • Development of the machine's industrial design based on QualySense’ ideas
    • Conceptual design and detailed development of the mechanical structure and the mechatronic system
    • Supplier management during the procurement phase of the prototype
    • Production and assembly support during the assembly phase at QualySense
    • Team: 3 mechatronics/mechanical engineers, 1 industrial designer, 1 project manager
    • Close cooperation with QualySense, key suppliers, and other partners


    Feasibility of the core challenge – scaling up of the singulation, transport, and sorting processes – was demonstrated after only 6 months and allowed to kick off the prototype development. The prototype was successfully tested on the market and was, to QualySense's great satisfaction, met with great interest from potential customers. The first applications are the removal of genetically modified kernels from sweet corn seeds or in the selection of premium seeds.


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